Come Clean, Kathleen!

RicePaperIn latest Rice blunder, DA handpicks Washington-insider who had violated campaign finance law & hit with massive fine as “Victory Fund” treasurer

While Kathleen Rice continues to avoid answering any questions or discussing her positions on issues…or even responding to ethical questions…she has made her voice heard in one matter: handpicking a scandal-scarred longtime Washington insider to run her “Victory Fund.”

In documents quietly filed with the Federal Election Commission, Kathleen Rice for Congress & the New York State Democrat Committee jointly-formed a new fundraising committee with the Federal Election Commission, the Kathleen Rice Victory Fund.

Ms. Rice’s handpicked “Victory Committee” Treasurer, Janica Kyriacopoulos, is a longtime Washington-insider; not only did she serve as a senior staffer on President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Committee but is she the former Treasurer to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), served as Deputy Chief Financial Officer for John Kerry for President, CFO for Dick Gephardt’s presidential campaign and Treasurer for Congressman Steny Hoyer’s AmeriPAC.

As Treasurer for the DCCC, Kyriacopoulos failed to disclose $3.1 million in campaign contributions and expenditures in 2003.  Additionally, after making a large $10,000 campaign contribution, Ms. Kyriacopoulos failed to file the proper paperwork…and the DCCC had to pay an $80,000 fine.  The case wound up settling, “avert[ing] a civil lawsuit…filed against the DCCC…which could have resulted in far heftier fines.”  Ooops?

“Kathleen Rice has already gone Washington and has surrounded herself with a DC insider was fined a record amount of money for failure to report over $3 million dollars.  Nassau’s middle class families and seniors deserve better.  This is the exact type of sneaky maneuver that purposefully skirts campaign finance laws,” said Blakeman campaign spokesman Matt Coleman.

Rice has already come under fire in New York State for abusing a campaign finance loophole tune the tune of over $1,000,000 she was charged with closing as a Co-Chair of Moreland to Investigate Public Corruption.  “The practice often helps shield the identities of big donors.” A NYPIRG official said Rice was “exploit[ing]…loopholes.” (Source:  NY Daily News. Nassau DA Rice got $1M in gifts through a loophole being investigated by the anti-corruption panel she runs.  November 18, 2003)

“Another day, another loophole Kathleen Rice takes advantage of.  First Rice fires working part-time mothers from her office and now she flouts campaign finance law to funnel more money from Nancy Pelosi’s liberal mega-donors and the partners at Weitz & Luxenberg she wound up not investigating.  What’s wrong with Kathleen Rice?” asked Coleman.

Kathleen Rice refuses to speak about her role in the now-under federal investigation Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption.  She refuses to answer basic questions into what she knew and when she knew it, such as:

  • Has Kathleen Rice retained a criminal defense lawyer and, if so, who is paying for the attorney?
  • Did Kathleen Rice appear with a lawyer at her interview with the U.S. Attorney?
  • Is Kathleen Rice a cooperating defendant in the U.S. Attorney’s investigation?
  • Did Kathleen Rice ask for, or was she offered, immunity?
  • What is the legal basis for Kathleen Rice’s refusal to reveal and produce e-mails and other communications regarding her service as Co-Chair of the Moreland Commission?
  • Had Kathleen Rice, her representatives or her campaign have any conversations or any other communication(s) with any of her past or present campaign contributors about the Moreland Commission?
  • Has Kathleen Rice or her campaigns for Congress or District Attorney, in  addition to her failed bid for State Attorney General, receive or solicit any donations from any target and/or witness under investigation by the Moreland Commission she co-chaired?

RiceDonationsMs. Rice has ignored these simple questions, even when there has been mounting negative opinions against her and her silence-at-all-costs approach.  The Island Now, Williston Times and New Hyde Park Courier, part of the Blank Slate Media Group, published an editorial “Rice Must Break Her Silence” ridiculing the district attorney’s refusal to tell us what she knows as “convenient.”  (Source: TheIslandNow.com, Editorial, August 7, 2014)

The papers wrote that “[t]he stench from the Moreland commission has reached all the way to Long Island… the investigative reports [on Moreland] in The News York Times have been deeply disturbing.  At the very least Rice should break her silence and say whether or not the commission that she co-chaired operated with integrity and without interference from the very man who appointed her to that commission.” (Source: TheIslandNow.com, Editorial, August 7, 2014)

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