Blakeman On The Air Talking “Priorities”

New 30-second cable buy contrasts Rice’s misplaced priority with Blakeman’s agenda to Change Washington to benefit middle class families & seniors

In his third television ad of the general election, Republican-Conservative-Independence nominee Bruce Blakeman talks about “Priorities” – contrasting his with those of Kathleen Rice, his Democrat opponent.

The Nassau District Attorney has pledged in her first television commercial that her top priority will be to “go after texting” if we send her to Congress, a local, not federal, issue. Bruce Blakeman has focused his campaign on critical federal issues that are under Congress’ jurisdiction. Almost every law governing vehicular traffic falls under state traffic codes.

While Blakeman’s campaign is focused on national issues, Rice continues to ignore the issues of job creation, ISIS and others who threaten America, the continued dangers to Israel, fighting the spread of Ebola or even what she plans to do with Obamacare, a tax on hardworking middle class and seniors.

In Blakeman’s new 30 second commercial, airing on cable television and produced by The Victory Group, Blakeman discusses his priorities of creating jobs by cutting taxes and costly government regulations. Blakeman also highlights his pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that works for everyone.

“My opponent has absolutely no legislative experience. These are unprecedented challenges facing America like flat wages, higher prices and too few full-time jobs. ISIS, Ebola, replacing Obamacare and cutting taxes are others. We have serious problems to solve and I’m the only candidate in this race that has a plan to tackle them now,” said Bruce Blakeman.

The issues of jobs, the state of the economy and other pressing national issues have been absent from Kathleen Rice’s campaign ads; they have been highlighted by…texting, a local, not federal, issue.

But this is not the first time that Kathleen Rice has not known about relevant issues for the position she’s seeking. In Rice’s failed 2010 Attorney General bid, The Albany Times-Union took DA Rice to task over a “fake issue” she created with her television ads and a rare appearance at a debate.

In an editorial – Read Up, Ms. Rice – the Times-Union wrote that Rice “has a lot invested in this non-issue…Ms. Rice now looks like a DA who doesn’t know the law…Ms. Rice owes the voters better than a fake issue.” (Source: Albany Times-Union. September 9, 2010)

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